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We enable our clients’ performance and future growth in a world where excellence is the only key for growth, where the best performance means the control of the market, where research and courageous innovation build new futures, where technology is empowering humanity and not the other way around, where energy demands new knowledge, where customers ask for trust and bespoke services, where every process need to be fluid to work, we are the ones who make all this possible.

VPM will play a crucial role in creating innovation, improving production, maximizing product development, and driving local manufacturing and efficiency in the respective supply chain.

Products Portfolio

Our products portfolio cascades from our technical partner Versalis S.p.A. Providing high-performance products and services directly available at a local level. Spanning across all oilfield applications and treatments.

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Our Products

The innovative production chemicals line Versalis e® will improve and optimize customers’ oil and gas production operations, covering all the major issues with a sustainable approach.
Flow Assurance

One of the major challenges in oil production is wax precipitation. The VPM portfolio comprises dedicated products with pour point depressants and paraffin dispersant effect, which help prevent paraffin precipitation that may plug production or transportation lines...

Oil/Water Separation

Oil and water demulsification is one of the hardest tasks in onshore and offshore plants. As various reasons can contribute to the phenomena [process residence time, construction type, contaminants, etc.] troubleshooting with tailored Demulsifiers is the most effec...

Asset Integrity

The largest cost factor in the oilfield industry is corrosion. The versalis e® - cori product line provides final users with a range of corrosion inhibitors, as well as tailor-made formulations for individual corrosion problems that interest a large variety of cor...

Production Optimization

Reducing the bulk viscosity of heavy oil improves the oil mobility in formations, production wells and also surface transportation pipelines. Which all contribute to enhanced heavy oil recovery, production and processing. Our range of viscosity reducers improves th...

Bacterial Control

The Versalis e® - bioc and Versalis e® - oxsc product lines can assure the right biocide and O2 scavengers treatments are implemented, in order to avoid any microbial-induced corrosion [MIC] or sour corrosion damage.

Gas Processing

Gas hydrates can cause risers, subsea wellheads and surface transportation lines to plug. Versalis e® - idra comprises of low dosage hydrate inhibitors, both anti-agglomerant and kinetic hydrate inhibitors, in addition to common thermodynamic inhibitors like metha...


At VPM, we are unwavering in our commitment to the highest standards of Health, Safety and Environmental protection.

Our mission is to drive sustainability throughout each of our business units by integrating sustainability in our day-to-day QHSE and operational processes.

We follow international best protocols and are vigilant when it comes to standards and procedures in quality, health, safety and the environment.

Our Joint Venture Partners

VPM is the result of a joint venture between Versalis, the chemical subsidiary of Eni—the Italian multi-national Oil and Gas giant, and Petrochem Performance Chemicals the leading the Drilling Fluids Solutions provider—a Mazrui Energy Services Company.

Versalis S.p.a -the largest chemical company in Italy, is the petrochemical subsidiary of Eni Oil & Gas. With it’s multinational footprint, versalis has been expanding its portfolio to cover specialty chemicals through several acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships.

Petrochem Performance Chemicals is a Mazrui Energy Services company established in Abu Dhabi since 1993. It is one of the largest regional providers of drilling fluids products and engineering services in the Oil & Gas industry in the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq & Yemen.

Through its five operating businesses and various joint venture partnerships, Mazrui Energy Services [MES] is a respected and trusted partner in the Middle East’s energy industry. Focusing on local representation, engineering and oilfield services, manufacturing, and joint venture investments.