Products & Services

VPM will provide high performance products and services directly available at a local level, aiming to become the preferred choice for customers within the Middle East region.

The innovative and tailor-made production chemicals line Versalise® will improve and optimize customers’ oil and gas production operations, covering all the major issues with a sustainable approach:

Flow Assurance

One of the major challenges in oil production is wax precipitation. The VPM portfolio comprises dedicated products with pour point depressants and paraffin dispersant effect, which help prevent paraffin precipitation that may plug production or transportation lines and can improve the rheological properties of highly viscous, paraffinic crudes.

Certain crude oils form solid asphaltene deposits during production. These deposits may plug the wellbore tubing and valves, coat the safety surface and process-control equipment, or accumulate in separators and pipelines. The Versalis e® – asph product line can be used to prevent asphaltene precipitation either with continuous injection into pipelined crude or with injection immediately before mixing asphaltene into incompatible oils or with condensate fraction.

Inorganic salts [Ca, Ba, Sr or Fe] deposits cam be effectively prevented with products in the Versalis e® – scin line.

Oil/Water Separation

Oil and water demulsification is one of the hardest tasks in onshore and offshore plants. As various reasons can contribute to the phenomena [process residence time, construction type, contaminants, etc.] troubleshooting with tailored Demulsifiers is the most effective approach.

The versalis e® – embr product line, with its on-demand, tailor-made modifications, targets customers’ specific needs in the emulsion treating process, and increases production efficiency and above all improves the resulting water treatment.

Suppressing foam is a vital requirement in top side production processes. In oil/water/gas separators, glycol washing towers, or any equipment that has to do with turbulent water, foam can cause sever issues. The Versalis e® – anfo series provides products designed  to prevent or solve the tendency for foam formation.

Asset Integrity

The largest cost factor in the oilfield industry is corrosion. The versalis e® – cori product line provides final users with a range of corrosion inhibitors, as well as tailor-made formulations for individual corrosion problems that interest a large variety of corrosion environments.

Production Optimization

Reducing the bulk viscosity of heavy oil improves the oil mobility in formations, production wells and also surface transportation pipelines. Which all contribute to enhanced heavy oil recovery, production and processing. Our range of viscosity reducers improves the oil production at all the stages.

Increasing the pipeline capacity by reducing turbulency and increasing laminar flow is being achieved by our range of Drag-reducers Versalis e®- drag, as it allows to pump through the fluids at lower pressure drop.

Bacterial Control

The Versalis e® – bioc and Versalis e® – oxsc product lines can assure the right biocide and O2 scavengers treatments are implemented, in order to avoid any microbial-induced corrosion [MIC] or sour corrosion damage.

Gas Processing

Gas hydrates can cause risers, subsea wellheads and surface transportation lines to plug. Versalis e® – idra comprises of low dosage hydrate inhibitors, both anti-agglomerant and kinetic hydrate inhibitors, in addition to common thermodynamic inhibitors like methanol and MEG.